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12 Iconic Songs Transformed into Vintage Posters

We can’t say for sure if “Vintage” is a trend or a recurring phenomenon that happens once a style has been gone for a long enough while. The word itself has its roots in Latin, of course, the original word being “vindemia”, which loosely translates into “to take grapes”. Furthermore, to give you a short linguistics lesson, it is an Anglo-Norman alteration of the French world “vendange”, which neatly brings us to the topic of today’s article.

10 Examples of Graphic Designers’ Business Cards

A writer with a typo in their CV would struggle to be taken seriously. A fashion designer who looks like a dog’s dinner is unlikely to get very far in their chosen industry. And similarly, a graphic designer with a lack-luster business card will probably find themselves with a lot of free time on their…

Speed Reading Techniques: How to Read 1000 Words per Minute

We all spend hours reading each week. However sometimes it is hard to keep up with this activity because of other responsibilities and activities. What if you could cut down your reading time without compromising the quality or quantity of your reading? Or if you could memorize more of the things you read in a better way? All this is quite achievable with speed reading.

25 Creative CV Templates that Will Make You Stand Out

Your résumé is your calling card. It’s as simple as that. Getting hired is tough, especially these days. Everyone seems to be looking for a job. That’s why it’s important to make sure your CV or portfolio stand out from the others, because the pile is going to be very big.

15+ Best Examples of HTML5 Websites

Elements of HTML5 have already been implemented, and as a result, HTML5 websites are becoming quite common. Today, we will be showing you a list of such sites, we deemed to be some of the best out there, and say a thing or two about the ones that really impressed us.

Free Vector of the Day #626: Pencils Vector

Download Pencils Vector for FREE. Today’s freebie is a “Pencils” vector. Feel free to use it in commercial and non-commercial projects, personal websites and printed work.

Free Vector of the Day #623: Broadcast Icon

Download Broadcast Icon for FREE. Today’s freebie is a broadcast icon. Feel free to use it in commercial and non-commercial projects, personal websites and printed work.