Vintage mega vector 7 pack is out


Our latest mega vector pack is out along with some new packs, please see bellow our latest release. – Floral pack 49 – Lips (new) – Skull 16 – Splashes 2 (new) – Splashes3 (new) – Spray paint 2 (new) – T-shirt garments 1 (new) – Wings 10 (new) – Wings 11 (new) – Wings […] giveaway winners

vectorious-logo is a new website where you can find cool vector illustrations and last week we organized a giveaway for 5 accounts to this great new vector illustrations resource. The lucky winners are: – DLV: – Chris : – Kevin : – Icebluelady: – Lorna: We will contact each one […]

How to create a paisley seamless vector pattern


Inspired from Indian culture and brought back in the 1960s, the paisley prints still give a glamorous feel to textile prints. The crooked tear drop or half of a yin-yang seamless pattern is present on women skirts and handbags, men silk neckties, bandannas and not only. As a tribute to the 1960’s we’ve recently introduced […]

Cool new vector packs

floral vector

We worked hard the last few weeks to come up some new cool vector packs. These new pieces of design elements are truly amazing, some were created on layers, some are simpler but the result will impress you. Floral vector packs We have some new engraved floral vector packs, this fit perfect and complete our […]