Artist of the Week: Awesome TV Poster Art by Zsolt Molnár

„The scariest people to turn a movie over to are always the people drawing up the poster, because that’s the first impression it’s going to make.”

-Jesse Eisenberg

Every now and again, everyone likes to relax, sit on the couch and watch a good TV show. We’re no different and we’re pretty sure neither are you. And what recent show can truly match up to Vince Gilligan’s wonderfully complex and absolutely gut-wrenching ‘Breaking Bad’?

Ever since the show first started airing in 2008, ‘Breaking Bad’ has gathered a huge following and has inspired tons upon tons of dedicated artwork. Today, we want to talk to you about one of our favorite artists that has taken upon himself a massive undertaking. Specifically, we’re talking about Zsolt Molnár, also known as Zsutti.

More specifically, Molnár has created beautiful movie posters for every episode of the hit series. His blog, Posterology was created on the 14th of October 2013 and has started off with a very simple mission statement: “I felt the need to do something different from the things I have to design at work, so I thought about creating some posters for all the episodes just for fun (and for practicing my Illustrator and PS skills).”

The whole undertaking has taken Zsutti about five months and has created some absolutely beautiful posters. The Budapest-based designers’ project has resulted in 62 awesome posters and has amassed quite a following.

When talking about his work on this project, the 31 year-old designer stated that “I wanted to create minimalistic looking posters with one main or important object/subject from every episode and a quote that is not always directly related to the object/subject. Besides minimalistic, I wanted to make them a bit dirty because I felt that Walter White’s character and the whole show was kind of dirty so I ended up using some paper texture. I didn’t want to stick to only one typeface, so I started to experiment with a different font on every poster. I wanted to have fun and experiment a lot. It took creating two dozen posters until I got confident with the style but many challenges emerged later.” Read the full interview from Heisenberg Chronicles here.

A brief look into the designer’s LinkedIn profile shows us that his professional background includes work as a UX & UI designer as well as an art director.

Molnár initially created his posters using both Adobe Illustrator and Photoshop, but he quickly abandoned this method, opting to create the entire imagery in Photoshop by using vector shapes.

In order to fully comprehend the magnitude of the work the Hungarian designer put into this project, we should mention that the posters took him 5 months to complete, during which he put in about 400 hours of work on the posters themselves, not including watching each episode two or three times at the least and eight at the most in order to pin down exactly what he wanted to do in each poster.

Each poster created includes iconic imagery from the series that is profoundly tied to the episode as well as a quote from the episode in question.

So, what’s next for the 31 year-old designer and artist? In the interview linked above he did mention that he’s planning to get started on a similar poster series based on the hit NBC series Hannibal, but that he also will like to take it slower, as he couldn’t possibly keep up the same pace he did with Breaking Bad.

As huge Hannibal fans, we’re extremely excited to see what he’ll be making from this point on!

What follows is a selection of our favorite Breaking Bad posters made by Zsolt Molnár. WARNING: the posters contain spoilerific images, so, if you’ve yet to watch the whole series, proceed at your own risk!


Image source


Image source


Image source


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You can check out the full gallery over at Zsotti’s Tumblr and also remember to check out his Facebook page and his Twitter!

Well, now you’ve seen our favorite posters. What are yours? Let us know by leaving a comment in the section below!

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