Artist of the Week: 3D Paper Art by Lydia Kasumi Shirreff


Paper art, or paper sculpture as it is also known, is probably the cheapest and most accessible form of sculpture invented. That is not not say, of course, that the results reflect this cheapness. Paper art deserves to be called art, not only because it is a way for the artist to express him or herself, but because the results are often absolutely stunning.

Artist of the Week: Photo Manipulations by Martin Grohs


Adobe Photoshop has revolutionized the way we make art. Digital photography has allowed photographers to experiment a whole lot more, without costing them an arm and a leg to do so. Just think of how hard it must have been in the old-timey days to make a photo look the way you wanted it to look. But in our lovely modern days, we get to photoshop pictures to perfection. Well, the fact of the mater is that photo manipulation has been around for a very long time, now.

Artist of the Week: Pop Culture Illustrations by Amy Blue


Culture is a kind of information, and in an age where information is made readily available by way of mass-media and the internet, we have seen the rise of a new kind of culture, namely pop culture. There are many definitions of pop culture, but one thing that is certain is that the term “pop culture” is derived from “popular culture”, first coined in the 19th century, and used to describe the education and level of culture of the so-called lower classes. It was, basically, the exact opposite of the “official culture” of the dominant classes.

Artist of the Week: Steampunk Illustrations by Antonio Caparo


Steampunk is a huge cultural phenomenon, spanning books, movies and art. People love the look and “feel” of it, so much that it has sparked numerous conventions around the world. It’s easy to see why this is. The retro futuristic aesthetic is elegant and, to some extent, more easy to understand than regular science fiction premises, seeing as rather primitive technology is used to achieve great feats of engineering marvel, such as flight, time travel and deep sea exploration.

Artist of the Week: Timeless Photography by Annie Leibovitz


Graphic design, and, in fact, design in general, is an extremely interdisciplinary field. Designers draw their inspiration from many places and many fields, artistic and not. For one designer, their main inspiration source may be illustration and the rich tradition of painting and drawing in Western Culture, while for another design inspiration may come from architecture. To a third, the field they draw most of their creative energy from may be photography.

Artist of the Week: Awesome TV Poster Art by Zsolt Molnár


Every now and again, everyone likes to relax, sit on the couch and watch a good TV show. We’re no different and we’re pretty sure neither are you. And what recent show can truly match up to Vince Gilligan’s wonderfully complex and absolutely gut-wrenching ‘Breaking Bad’? Ever since the show first started airing in 2008, ‘Breaking Bad’ has gathered a huge following and has inspired tons upon tons of dedicated artwork.

Artist of the Week: Amazing Excel Spreadsheet Art by Tatsuo Horiuchi


It can be argued that the true artist can make art with whatever tools he has at hand. Singer and songwriter Tom Waits once said that “some songs come out of the ground just like a potato. Others you have to make from things you found, like your mothers’ pool cue, your dads’ army buddies, your sisters’ wristwatch… that type of thing. You’d be surprised what you can find if you’re, you know, resourceful.”

Artist of the Week: Unconventional Graffiti Artist Above


Love it or hate it, graffiti has revolutionized the way we think of art. It is anarchic, untamed, ephemeral at times, and difficult. Like the impressionists before them, graffiti artists take art to the streets, only in a much more literal way. Their works show up over night, and many times disappear even quicker, erased by the authorities, in what some might call a misguided attempt at keeping the community clean.

Artist of the Week: Surreal Oil Paintings by Alex Gross


Alex Gross was born in 1968, on the 30th of August, in Roslyn Heights, New York. In 1990 he graduated from the Art Center College of Design in California, and has been working in Los Angeles ever since, becoming an established artist in the Pop surrealism movement. As stated in the introduction written by Bruce Sterling to Alex Gross’ book, The Art of Alex Gross, his wonderfully unnerving paintings explore the themes of globalization, commerce, great beauty, dark mayhem, and the remorseless passage of time.

Artist of the Week: Incredible Portrait Illustrations by Laura Eddy


Harboring from Maroochydore, Queensland in Australia, Laura Eddy is a graphic designer and web developer by trade. She also enjoys drawing with graphite pencils, and the results just blew our socks off. Her work is especially stunning once you take into consideration the fact that she only picked up a pencil last year. Since then, her drawings have been garnering quite some attention on the internet, with their marvelous attention to detail and superb realism.