$800 Giga vector pack 5 giveaway


We at Designious want to offer the design community cool resources to enrich and improve designs and since is been a while we offered something free around here we think now is a good moment. We want to  offer the Giga vector pack 5 to 5 of our readers, each giga pack is $160 and full of vector goodies.


The Giga vector pack 5 contains the following mega vector packs: Urban 2, Vintage 7, Vintage 8 and Seamless.

What you have to do is comment how will you use the vectors in this giga pack.

The giveaway ends Monday the 5th and we will announce the winners on Tuesday.

So that’s fairly simple, now go ahead and comment :).


  1. says

    I’m currently in the process or redesigning a few sites and feel these vector packs would help me create stunning visuals.

  2. says

    I would feel to design some cool “personal posters” to increase my Adobe Illutrator skills. When we recive cool stuff, it’s easier to get fun when we learn cause we can concentrate our attention on the creative aspect of the work! Great contest “Designious Times”


  3. chris says

    thanks for the opportunity. i would use them mainly for online work as well as some t-shirts if inspiration allows.

  4. says

    This vector pack will be used in designing creative and amazing logos, and will be used for building the new image of the sites I’m working on.

  5. jenn says

    i would use this vector pack for logos design and various brochures. it would just be a great addition to the library!

  6. says

    My Son & Daughter are both working on reports for school they could use the vintage and urban packs. I could use the seamless pack for some design projects I’m working on.

  7. says

    This is an amazing pack. So much goodness. I would use them to add some punch to my t-shirt designs as well as redoing my Twitter page. Thank you, Alex, for the opportunity.

  8. says

    I love these packs… I run a CD and DVD replication company and also do freelance design on the side for many musicians and businesses. These packs are perfect for so many different types of designs. Plus the whole vector/grunge/noise look is extremely popular right now. This would make my job 100 times easier to have artwork to start with and to have an entire library to be able show the client. This way they can show me what elements they want right away instead of guessing what they want and redesigning several times. I have been a fan of the Giga packs for a long time. Thanks for this opportunity, anything that frees me up for more time with my family is a blessing to me…

  9. JJ says

    If I won this package I would use it heavily on projects for my freelance and at college. I’m back in college so I don’t really have much cash to buy this package of lovely vectors. Just found out I might be assigned the job of designing graphics for our TV studio productions, we do a live TV show, and I know these would come in very handy!!

  10. Gustavo Caetano says

    Great pack.

    I would use then in a new work involving the graphic identity of a child hospital in my city.

    They want a modern looking visual and I think some of those vectors would fit perfectly.

  11. says

    i feel that this can give me the chance for go back into “personal projects”

    regards from Chile.

  12. says

    I design a lot of Flyers for bands, jazz artists, hip hop artists, R&B singers, etc.
    I know these graphics would tie in great with my style and some new art for inspiration is always great.

    seamless=great backgrounds!

  13. says

    I love opportunities like this, people like you guys are great for providing everyone the opportunity to have a chance like this!

    I would definitely use these for some T-Shirts for a local T-Shirt company i work for and probably as some stock for some of my own graphic work.

    Good luck to everyone!
    Cheers to whoever wins!

  14. says

    Desperate need of some new art in my flat might look nice, and haven’t found need to get inspired. Might try out digital print to canvas like canvaspop.com or similar. Cheers

  15. EGY99 says

    Ohhh, If I’m the lucky one, then for sure I’m using them on some shirts, my Twitter account, University projects and some web pages. wow, I can use them in a lot of projects!

  16. says

    I would use these vectors to give my websites more depth and to create cool Twitter backgrounds.

  17. says

    If I were to win this massive pack, I would use the vectors to assist me in creating more interesting and appealing website templates, and for general, personal designs.

    Thanks for this giveaway! Great idea!

  18. says

    I have, as of late, found myself creating lots of T-shirt designs. I would probably use the packs for flippin’ awesome t-shirts to be placed on Threadless and BlackEyedT. I also enjoy creating posters. I’ll probably crank out a couple thousand (rough estimate) designs to be printed. The local print shop will be quite fond of me.

  19. says

    I dunno. My designs are already pretty fuckin Rock n Roll.

    These could probably help me do more rocking in a shorter time.

    Kick ass, righteous and right on.


  20. says

    First off, I really appreciate the chance to possibly win this great giveaway. Great opportunity.

    How will I use it?

    It is one thing to use it in a design and call it day. It is another thing to learn from it. These designs were all made by great vector illustrators. If you do not take the time to sit down and dissect every one of them to help understand how you can be a better designer/illustrator, shame on you. I will take these designs and try to learn from them as much as I can. Will I use them? Of course! As I like to focus on promotional material, there are tons of options when it comes to t-shirts, cards, cd packaging, dvd packaging, mailers, and websites. But overall, this is a FANTASTIC opportunity to learn.

    These designs are to be considered pure fuel for our weird design passions. The same passion that completely stuns us when we find random masterpieces at 3 a.m. and we still love them as much months later.

    I will use these to learn, research, create, promote, and to have FUN.



  21. Heriberto says

    i will use it to design the best posters in the world the best websites design with creativity and innovate with this tremendous giga pack

  22. says

    To be honest I was looking around on Twitter for vectors to use on my motivation letter to do European Voluntary Service and I ended up here.

    It would be great to get my hands on this offer. Not only for my motivation letter but it sure would allow me to do things much faster when I need to compose creative layouts

  23. says

    I would use this holy pack of sacred sweet vectors to distract thugs so i can do wicked jumps and my bike and play dungeouns and dragons with my paper cut out friends in the park and lefdt alone… Later that day i would use their powers to slowly manipulate the fabric of reality and bend our universe till its totally awesome… for one thing you would wake up on Moneday and discover there is like 17,000 saturdays till sunday… the moon would be all talking and give me the heads up on stuff. I would use the vectors to build a giant bouncy castle made out of boobs… and give away free money to anyone not called Derek… music would be free tuesdays would be wear a robe all day and drink beer instead of water day… all chatered accountants would instantly become cheerleaders with an average IQ of 129 and they would use their nerd physics skills to either land sick jumps on roller skates or open a 40oz in 15 ways using only their body…

    This Giga vector pack 5 giveaway would surely shape a new world and i would be there high fiving everyone (apart from Philip hes a twatburger)

    Peace….. i have a level 17 elf cleric barmaid for sale if anyone is interested… (obviously)

  24. says

    I would definitely use this set of vectors to kick up my web design another notch! I love the wings especially.

  25. andres a pitt says

    i would love to win such a great collection. i ve never win anything.

  26. Gazman says

    Working as a sign writer’s graphic designer who will only use vector I feel this packs will make our town the trendiest in Australia.

  27. says

    I would use them to improve my illustrator skillz and make some cool art, and for inspiration for mu future work :)

  28. says

    Vintage and Seamless will greatly help in my website’s current redesign process, Urban for another project site that is now in concept stage.

  29. says

    I’d use them to add just the right touch to my art. Everything from my logo design to t-shirts/fashion would benefit. As I am just starting out this would be a welcome gift for sure!

  30. UberLesco says

    I’m working on a project for young adult ministries in my area. We’re publishing a e-zine, web page, WordPress, and will do lots of print and digital media in the coming year. It would be awesome to have a cache of beautiful and attention grabbing vectors to advertise our community service projects, excursions, and weekend activities.

    We’re working with 3-5 churches, a college, high school and elementary school in our community.

    Please pick us!

  31. says

    Some those great images in Urban 2 would be perfect for a Youth Club Site I’ll be working on in the next couple of weeks !

  32. Eli says

    I would like to use them for the improvement of my design and illustrator skills.

    Thanks for the giveaway contest!!

  33. says

    Will use these resources for non profit sites and promotional efforts. Research, education and outreach… m

  34. Sam says

    I’ll be using them to improve on my tshirt, newletter, and poster designs.

  35. says

    thanks for giveaway, if i won,as a Student – i will use it for my designs,web and t-shirts and poster designs too.

    Mainly use them for the improvement of my design and illustrator skills. develop my skills to become a clever student , :)

  36. ChunkyMonkey says

    I will use this fantastic pack to rule the world, of course ! (and pick-up many women too…)

  37. samer says

    I plan to use the vector graphics to support a Pharmacy Explorer Post (Boy Scouts of America), I plan to create some advertising posters to encourage the future youth to pursue a pharmacy program.

  38. ChrisW says

    I would love to get my hands on some of the vintage sets for integration into a few retro style web projects I’m working on

  39. Brett says

    My fiancée will choose one image, and I will choose another. We’ll get each other’s choice tatooed on shoulder.

  40. says

    I would incorporate these design elements into web projects, as well as new graphic collage works.

  41. says

    I’ll use it the way I use everything Pinky – to try and take over the world!

    If that doesn’t work, then I’ll probably use it as much as possible to try and get my clients to look at some things outside of their comfort zone to drive a little more visual interest in their brands.

  42. Jorge says

    I really want to win :) cooool
    I’m a web designer and i would use these vector in my websites and my designs :D I love vectors :D

  43. Fernando A. says

    it would be nice if i win that vector pack!!! i got a project in which i could use it.

  44. Mariana Siqueira says

    Now, this could make my life a lot easier. ;)
    And beautiful!

  45. Cliff says

    I would love to win these vector packs. I often work on retro designs, and these files would come in handy.

  46. says

    Not only is an excellent way to appreciate design vectors, but to channel our energy into the design itself, saving time thanks to these excellent designs already created.

    Web design, business cards and presentations in college are some areas where I could use these resources.

    Thanks as always for share and offer this giveaways !!


  47. Cameron says

    These would be awesome for different projects I work on as a graphic designer. It would an extra element to my designs.

  48. Ruby says

    Great idea! My newfound company would use these vectors to enhance the graphic designs and effects on our high-fashion apparel and soon-to-be released website. This would give us a great start…Thank you for this opportunity and keep up the good work!

  49. says

    I would use these vectors to embellish my photomanips and collaborations. And to add a pleasant aesthetic to anything I design.

  50. Josephine says

    If I were to win the packs, I would use them in website design or learn to do with print.

  51. says

    With such a huge vector pack, I guess I would be spending all my free time in front of the computer creating new designs, and loose any kind of social life, I still might have. Let´s just hope my wife and kids, wouldn´t mind that too much, or I might be facing a “revolution” in my own house…

  52. says

    I would use these as educational design resources with my high school students.

    I am well versed in raster graphics and photography and am working to get better at vectors. A resource like this would be invaluable to myself and my students.